Studies / Works in Japan:

As a ceramic sculptor and potter, I have had the opportunity to study in and travel to Japan several times over the years. In 1984 I was chosen to receive a Rotary Foundation International Vocational Fellowship to study in Japan. I went to the Tekisui Museum of Art Ceramic Art Research Institute in Ashiya, Hyogo-ken. I studied there from 1984-1986. I received the second prize at the graduation exhibit.

In 1991, the Sister City of Minneapolis, Ibaraki City, Japan selected two Minneapolis sculptors to create monuments for their newly constructed Central Municipal Library and I was commissioned to create “Stele Mississippi”. I decided to make my sculpture in Japan and worked on it in the pottery village I had studied in as a college student: Mashiko, Tochigi-ken.

In 2001 I was selected to be an Artist in Residence at the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center in Seto City, Japan for three months and then was invited back to Seto for an International Ceramic Art Symposium in 2005 for several weeks. That was my latest trip to Japan. I also exhibited work in the Tekisui Museum of Art Jukisei Reunion Exhibition in November 2011.

LINK – Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center

My work is included in the collections of the Seto City Museum of Art in Seto City, Aichi-ken, Japan.